B&B Precision: 3 Factors To Consider When Roll Forming

Roll forming is a cost effective method of producing precise cross sections, purlins and structural components. Suitable for use on a range of materials including Steels, Aluminium, Brass and Copper, applications for Roll forming range from beams in buildings to cable tidies. When considering Roll Forming as a production process there are 3 crucial factors to consider:


Roll Forming is more cost effective in higher volumes as it can process a greater amount of feet per hour and more parts per pound. One of the biggest costs associated however, is that of tooling. There are some standard components like Z Purlins where similar tools can be re-used but for many new components new Rolls, Punches, Presses and Cut-Off Tools will need to be manufactured. Ensuring that these tools are not only fit for purpose but will be long lasting is crucial.

B&B Precision not only manufacture a wide range of tooling, but we also offer in house thermal spraying allowing us to hardface and repair components, greatly extending their life.


As above, a new component will require a new design and this is not as straight forward as you might anticipate. Understanding how the material will behave, how many rollers are required and materials/degradation is crucial before any tooling is manufactured.

B&B use COPRA software in order to provide a full design service and simulation. This allows us to better predict specific problems associated with material properties, reshaping and mill configuration.

Inline Services

It is often more cost effective to add in additional process steps whilst the material is on the line, for example Punching holes, Stamping or Pressing the parts, additional bending etc

In the past we have manufactured and coated many tools used in pressed tooling, often machining out of a cheaper material such as Stainless Steel and then coating in a hard and highly wear resistant powder such as Tungsten Carbide.

B&B work closely with roll forming businesses to provide a fully outsourced tooling service. We can make, manufacture and repair your tooling and normally offer some level of stock holding so you’re never caught short. ISO certified and deliver across the UK, so get in touch today with your RFQs.


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