4 Tips For Productivity

B&B have been heavily focused this year on improving our internal procedures and lead time through the acquisition of new machines and new staff. Chief amongst these was the appointment of Richard Crowther, our Operations Manager. Here are 4 of Richard’s tips to ensure you make the most out of your day.

Set Up

“The setup of the shop floor itself is crucially important as a factor to productivity. Having a workspace that is clean, laid out in a practical manner, and with everything in place is key. Anytime our team spend looking around for something is time wasted and so it’s key that drawings and components are in the right place. Alongside this it’s important to have machines that are clean, regularly checked for maintenance issues and equipped with the right lifting and tool set up.”

Clock Watching

“How can you improve your efficiency if you’re not accurately monitoring it to begin with? For many years we have had a clocking in system which gives us an overview of how long a particular job takes and have now gone one step further. Our teams logs their progress on each part of the job including setting up, running the first article and so on. This small bit of paperwork has enabled us to better understand our downtime and look to improve.”


“An essential part of my role here is looking at our day to day plan and making sure we are on top of our production. Taking the time to plan effectively is very important, but it’s also key to be flexible in your approach. Our workload can change quite rapidly depending on what’s coming in, and it’s important to revisit and revise your plan accordingly and let our staff know of any updates. A simple thing to say, but much trickier to get right!”

Strong Communication

“Productivity is no one person job. It takes the effort of every part of the organisation from management to the shop floor. Strong communication is key, not just on a day to day basis but in laying out the long term plans for the company. It’s equally important to listen. We’ve had some fantastic time saving and efficiency ideas come directly from the shop floor which have been put into practice.”

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