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B&B Precision have invested heavily in order to provide complimentary manufacturing services to our customers. This includes: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Surface Grinding, Internal Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, Hard Part Turning, HVOF Coating, Flame Spray Coating, EDM Wire Erosion and Slotting.

Our aim is to save our customers time and money having to use several suppliers and having a range of services under one roof also enables us to have greater quality control on parts we produce. Here is a recent case study of an international manufacturer who save significant time and money with us:

The manufacturer had a stores in England but most of their manufacturing was done in Germany. With the uncertainty of Brexit on the horizon they wanted to compare the cost of producing this component in the UK and sought suitable suppliers. The component they were looking to source was a Tungsten Carbide Coated Seal.

In order to produce this seal their current operations included: Machining the seal at the main base of operations, then sending in a coating subsidiary 5 minutes away in order to have it thermally sprayed with Tungsten Carbide. This subsidiary could coat with hard metal but could not finish them and so the Seal had to be sent 40 minutes away to another part of the company which did Hard Grinding/Turning. Once completed the part had to be sent back to the main office who had inspection facilities before being shipped back over to the UK. In total this was about an 1100 mile journey.

Here at B&B the journey between Machining, Coating and Grinding is about 23 steps.

Having all of these services under roof was significantly better for this customer and for the environment and we were able to meet internal prices for making this component. If you have a machining project which requires multiple steps then send through your project today for a no obligation quote.



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