The Car

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

1 of only 158 UK supplied RHD cars ever made.

The ultimate expression of Ferrari’s fabulous line of V12 front-engined sports cars, the 365 GTB/4 debuted at the Paris Salon in 1968, soon gaining the unofficial name ‘Daytona’ in honour of the sweeping 1, 2, 3 finish by the Ferrari 330P4 at that circuit in 1967.

At the time of its introduction in 1968 the Daytona was the most expensive production Ferrari ever and, with a top speed in excess of 170mph, it was also the world’s fastest production car. Deliveries commenced in the second half of 1969 and the Daytona would be manufactured for just four years; not until the arrival of the 456 GT in 1992 would Ferrari build anything like it again.

“’It’s a hard muscled thoroughbred, the Daytona – easily the most awesome and yet disciplined road-going Ferrari in that firm’s brilliant quarter century of existence. The Daytona isn’t fast – it’s blinding. It will eat up a quarter-mile of asphalt in 13.2 seconds at 110mph and scream out to 175mph – or it will slug through traffic at 1,500rpm with the Sunday manners of a FIAT. It is the perfect extension of its driver.” – Car and Driver

The Exhaust Coating



Black Ceramic Thermal Coating

This coating is referred to as ‘black’ but as you can see from the photos it comes out as more of a dark smoky grey colour which really compliments the colour of the car.

The HVOF process allows us to produce thick film ceramic coatings onto a range of different materials. Ceramic Coatings provide thermal insulation. Their combination of heat resistance, oxidation resistance and low porosity have seen HVOF applied ceramic coatings become widely accepted in the aerospace sector and are common choice for car exhausts.

hvof process
HVOF Coating

This particular exhaust coating is Magnesia Zirconia Oxide which has low thermal conductivity and high melting temperatures, making this an excellent thermal barrier coating. We can supply this type of coating in white or black.

We offer a range of HVOF thermal coating options for a range of applications. Get in touch to discuss your requirements on 01484866386 or

  1. meubel winkels 1 year ago

    It has since been referred to as the best all-round Ferrari . While its styling is understated in the best Pininfarina grand touring mode it is, from the occupants view, a superb means of getting from point A to point B With a supremely elegant body designed and built by Pininfarina, the Ferrari 365 GTC was a powerful Grand Tourer in the finest tradition of the marque. The spiritual heirs to the legendary 250 GT Lusso, the mid- 330 and 365 GTC were compact and masculine two-seaters with ample room for the luggage and accompaniments befitting a week touring the Italian Lakes or the wineries of Northern California. As a final, 4.4-litre 365, the GTC not only boasted 3hp, but its 10 per cent extra torque endowed it with even stronger mid-range acceleration. The GTC family was a favourite with Ferrari s usual roster of VIP customers. Eric Clapton owned a 365 and our client a prominent contemporary musician has enjoyed this car greatly, including a trans-European drive back from its spiritual home of Maranello.

    • Frances Bonny 1 year ago

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Meubel, very interesting.

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