Precision measurement for precision machining

A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) measures the geometry of physical objects. It uses a probe to sense discrete points across an objects surface. It can measure the dimensions of a machined part using coordinate technology. The dimension open to measurements include the height, width and depth in the X, Y, and Z axis, as well as angles, radii and geometric features.

What does B and B Precision use the CMM for?

B and B Precision works to technical drawings and customer specified quality requirements. The CMM is used for in process and final inspection before components are dispatched as part of our overall quality procedures. The CMM is used to measure geometric dimensions and compare the CAD design against the actual part. This quality check ensures that machined parts match the CAD drawing within tolerances. 

B and B Precision can also use the CMM for reverse engineering. The CMM can scan the surface of a customer part to create an extremely detailed CAD drawing which is then used to assist with the manufacturing process. B and B have reverse engineered many parts across several industries and we’ll be adding more detailed blogs on this in future.

Benefits of using a CMM?

A CMM measures an object’s physical geometry, and dimension via the touching probe mounted on the machine’s moving axis. It also tests the parts to ascertain that they are the same as the CAD design.

Key Features:

  • Saves Time and Money

The CMM machine is integral to the production flow because of its speed and accuracy when measuring complex components. Time savings mean cost saving that we can pass onto our customers.

  • Quality Assurance Is Guaranteed

Unlike the conventional method of measuring machine parts’ dimensions, the CMM machine is extremely reliable. It can digitally measure and analyze the part while providing other services such as dimensional analysis, CAD comparison, tool certifications and reverse engineers.

  • Increased Accuracy

The accuracy of the probe helps to reduce operational errors when compared to traditional measurement methods.

  • Less Operator Fatigue

As the computer is measuring the component this reduces the time spent handled by the operator. Less fatigue increases productivity meaning more parts can be measured in a day.

B and B’s business wide investments

Over the past 10 years, including throughout the pandemic, B and B precision have invested in several areas of the business.

“The CMM machine enables us to measure to much tighter tolerances compared to traditional methods and we’ll continue to invest in the latest technologies to offer the best CNC machined components possible.”

Steve Haigh, Managing Director

New CNC machines, HVOF thermal spraying and staff. These investments have enabled us to offer more precision machining capabilities and coating options to our customers. We have more exciting things on the horizon in 2021 so watch this space! Make sure you’re following our social media channels for updates.

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In conclusion, the CMM has enhanced the quality inspection process at B and B Precision offering time and expense savings throughout the engineering process. The CMM can be used on small to large components and ensures that they are all produced to the same standard and same dimensions every time.

If you have any CNC machining or HVOF coating requirements, please send your enquiry through to or call us on 01484 866386 to discuss.


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