ceramic coating industry applications

HVOF applied ceramic coatings can improve your part by giving them increased hardness, lowering friction, as well as heat and wear resistance. It’s used in a variety of different industries.

Oil & Gas

The high level of corrosion and wear that components will experience means that ceramic coatings can significantly save costs and improve part life. Due to the expensive nature of downtime, improving your part life through ceramic coatings represents a significant saving. Mud Rotors that B&B coated improved their ‘down-hole’ life by a factor of five.

Components: Mud Rotors, Pump Sleeves, MWD equipment, Valve Components.


Components in the textile industry need low friction in order to prevent yarn damage. At the same time they need to withstand extreme levels of wear and corrosion. The extremely fine grain structure of the coating combined with B&B’s in house grinding services ensures components have very smooth low friction surfaces.

Components: Thread Guides, Cooling Tracks, Yarn Feeders, Air Jet Plates

Pump Industry

HVOF applied Ceramic Coatings perform especially well in corrosive environments making them ideal for the pump and chemical industries. Where parts are exposed to high levels of petrochemicals, acids, chlorides, and seawater, part life can be greatly extended.

Components: High Pressure Injection Pumps, Reciprocating Piston Pumps, Centrifugal Impeller Pumps


Ceramic coatings are often employed as both thermal and electrical barriers. The HVOF process is able to build up many layers of coating and this in turn is capable of withstanding thousands of volts. This makes ceramic coating ideal for use in the electronics industry. Often Zirconium Oxide and Aluminium Oxide coatings will also be used.

Parts Like: Electrical Insulation, EMI/RFI Shielding, Electrical Packaging.

To find out more how HVOF applied Ceramic Coatings can help extend your component’s life get in touch with B&B today. You can reach us by email at mail@bandbprecision.co.uk or call 01484866386


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