Complete Supply of Valve Components

B&B Precision work closely with a number of customers in the valve industry. Our range of complimentary services allow us to supply complete components to your specifications.

What Sort of Materials?

As a sub-contract manufacturer we are used to dealing with a wide variety of materials and these would include Cast Steels, Cast Iron and Cast Magnesium that are often used in valves. We are also able to machine ‘hard’ and ‘exotic’ materials such as Inconels, Monels and Kovar. As well as working from your castings or free issue material we are also able to source our own and will provide full traceability of materials.

What Sort of Components?

We are able to work on a wide range of components for a variety of different valves. This would include common components such as: Yokes, Stems, Packing, Seat Rings, Gaskets, Guides, Plugs, Pistons, Shafts and Impellers. Working from your drawing we are able to produce complicated valve components that are often intricate in nature and require tight tolerances. Our maximum capacity is 1626mm x 813mm x 1062mm.

Finishing Options

As well as the full supply of material and machining of parts, B&B are also able to offer Thermal Spray Coating of Valve components. These coatings are most often used in extreme wear and corrosive environments with high temperatures. Common coating materials include Stellite 6 and Tungsten Carbide.  In many cases our Valve customers will come to us initially for the coating of their valves and then find it most cost and time effective to have us supply complete. Alongside our own in house HVOF coatings, we also have close partners who we use for additional finishing services such as Anodising and Painting.

If you are looking for a reliable machinist with many years of experience, then please get in touch. B&B are based just off the M1 in West Yorkshire but serve the whole UK. We are fully ISO certified and competitive in small to medium volumes. Send through your RFQ to or call 01484866386.


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