Like Father, Like Son

Ben used to join his father, Steve who owns the business, on a Saturday and watch him work on the machines. He was interested in learning about engineering and with the support of his family he is now on his way to becoming a fully skilled engineer.

Ben has worked at B and B Precision as a Trainee Engineer for over a year now. In that time he has progressed to program and run many of the onsite CNC machines. I sat down with him today to discuss his time at B and B and this is what I learnt.

Meet the Team – Ben, Trainee Engineer

The upcoming engineer runs mostly Haas and XYZ CNC turning machines then inspects components on the CMM machine once complete. As a sub contract engineering company, many of the parts we machine are new to us and often low to medium volume complex components so Ben must apply his skills to each new required part when setting up machines. Ben is also learning how to apply HVOF thermal coatings which is an additive process that fires powdered metal at the substrate at extremely high velocities. The coating is applied using state of the art HVOF gun, utilising a KUKA robotic arm to ensure repeatability and absolute control of the coating process. Ben must carefully set up the equipment and powdered metal to ensure customer specifications are met.

“I’d like to continue progressing my programming skills and be able to operate all of the machines at B and B”

Ben, Trainee Engineer

In just over a year Ben has already learnt how to program our XYZ machines and a Senior Engineer then checks his work and gives feedback. On the job learning means that Ben is gaining practical skills that he can apply to his work whilst earning a wage.

Ben’s day to day responsibilities include programming and running CNC turning machines. What he enjoys most about working at B and B precision is that he gets to work on a lot of interesting parts. When I went onto the shop floor today Ben was working on the second op of a component, the first op he’d already ran on a different Haas machine. Here’s the part..

We hope you enjoyed this blog and we’ll be adding more ‘Meet the Team’ posts in the near future!

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