B and B Precision Engineering (Huddersfield) is continuously investing in machines, staff and working procedures. The newest member to join the team is Frances who will be managing the marketing for the business. Frances ACIM has years of industry experience and is looking forward to bringing her fresh marketing ideas to the role. As a service based company it’s important to make customers aware of the full capabilities of the business and highlight the specialist features that make B and B unique. Not only do B and B engineer precision parts on the latest CNC machines they also offer a range of HVOF thermal coatings. Read more about them here – HVOF Coatings – B&B Precision Engineering (bandbprecision.co.uk)  

We’ll be more active online in 2021 not only to show you the projects we’ve been working on but to connect more with customers and become a valuable information source of British precision engineering.

“I’m excited to showcase B and B’s HVOF coatings and specialist machining capabilities and help people who require these services discover us online. I encourage everyone to follow us on social media so that we can keep them up to date with company news. There’s lots more case studies and news coming to the blog which i’m really enjoying working on and think people will find very interesting.”

Frances Bonny – Marketing Manager

A bit about Frances… As part of her Chartered Institute of Marketing continuous personal development she keeps up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and actively connects with other industry professionals. In her spare time she competes in the YNEPF powerlifting division of the IPF and enjoys hikes with her dog.

We’ve seen big changes over the last year for digital in both our personal lives and at work. We’re spending more time on social media and going to websites for resources. This has affected the marketing mix for a lot of businesses. If there’s information you’d like adding to the B and B website or content you’d like to see more of on social media / blog then we’d love to hear your ideas!

Get in touch, email Frances at frances@bandbprecision.co.uk with your suggestions and don’t forget to connect with her on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/frances-bonny-a23605125/

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