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Our range of components for the glass industry incorporates our wide range of services that B&B deliver under one roof. Working to your specifications we can offer full sourcing, machining and coating of Glass forming equipment such as Plungers, Neck Rings and Chutes. All of our components are designed to have maximum part life in this challenging environment.

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Including Narrow Neck, Semi Wide Mouth and Wide Mouth Plungers

B&B are able to produce a wide range of Glass plungers to suit your specification. Whether they be for NNPB or BB, we can manufacture plungers from the highest quality powder met steels, or cast alloys. In order to ensure a long lasting an d resilient product we will HVOF coat the plungers in house. Popular finishes include Tungsten Carbide and Stellite ,but we can change the makeup of our powder to suit your needs.

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Top Plates

On a wide variety of designs, materials and finishes

B&B can supply top plates which are surface ground flat on the bottom and concentrically turned on the outside diameter for ease of installation. Top Plates are often made from either Nickel-Boron Alloys or in Stainless Steels and coated with Nickel Alloys such as Inconel 625.

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Including Neck Rings and Guide Rings

We can produce Neck Rings and Guide Rings in a wide variety of designs and sizes, and this includes threaded or crown rings.  Most often Neck Rings will be produced from Cast Iron and Bronze. Guide Rings are almost exclusively Nickel-Boron Alloys. B&B work closely with a local castings company to ensure quality of materials and offer finish machining to tight tolerances. Most often Neck rings will be finished in Nickel Alloys such as Inconel 625.

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Including Baffles and Baffle Inserts

Baffles are used to form the bottom contour of the bottle and their spacing in the filter develops an air flow. Quite often these are cast components in Bronze, although we have machined these on occasion.  Nickel Alloys are often used to coat Baffles and Baffle Inserts.

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Or any other gob handling component

As their name suggest these parts are used to funnel semi-molten glass into the blank mold cavity. There is quite a range of different designs and these funnels can be cast or machined. In the past we have coated these with Stellite 6, but working alongside a customer have seen the benefits of switching  to a Tungsten Carbide composite.

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