What is a Dynamometer?

A chassis dynamometer aka a ‘rolling road’, is a mechanical device that uses one or more fixed roller assemblies to simulate different road conditions within a controlled environment. It is used for a wide variety of vehicle testing and development purposes.

Why do Dyno Rollers need grip?

Adding grip to rollers increases the coefficient of friction (COF). This greatly improves traction and subsequently allows for more accurate pulls, more repeatable readings and more accurate data collection due to the elimination of wheel spin.

A common method of adding grip to rollers is including knurled area machined around the cylinder during production. However, these knurls wear easily and cannot be restored. B and B Precision offer grip coating on rollers to achieve traction and can machine, weld and coat rollers in house. The benefit of using a grip coating for traction on dyno rollers is increased wear and impact resistance. Coated rollers can also be re-coated to repair diameter size when wearing eventually occurs.

Metal Spray Coating Dyno Rollers

B and B Precision have 2 metal spray coating bays in house and can coat even the largest of components. This dyno roller is 900mm in diameter and has been ‘grip’ coated across the cylinder. You can read more about B and B’s HVOF capabilities here.

Grip Coating for the Print Industry

Dyno rollers are just one application that can benefit from grip coating. Nip Rings are used in print production. They help to grip and feed the paper through the machine at both sides of the rollers.

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