Hard Wearing Copper Coatings

Copper is most often applied as a coating through electro-plating. Electro-plated Copper is used as a way to create a smooth uniform undercoat for other processes such as Silver Plating. It is thin and malleable in nature and enhances a component with improved electrical and heat conductivity. The process itself involves taking parts and placing them into a vat containing an electrolytic solution, a current is run into the bath promoting the build-up of the copper on the part.

What if however, you have an application that requires the electrical and heat conductivity of Copper but needs to operate in a high wear or corrosion environment? Using the Thermal Spray process HVOF, we are able to ‘spray’ powdered copper material onto the part. This process is carried out at extreme velocity, often impregnating the metal and creating a coating with a strong bond that is characteristically hard and dense in nature. The main difference between this and HVOF applied Copper Alloys is that HVOF is an additive process and as such can be built up into a thick coating as well as used to repair worn areas. There are a number of different Copper Alloy based coatings depending on your application.

Copper Coating

Pure Copper Coatings applied through HVOF have similar properties to electro-plated Copper. They provide excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as being non-magnetic. HVOF coatings are hard and dense in nature with a low porosity. This coating is often used for EMI Shielding.

Copper Aluminium Alloys

Copper-Aluminium Alloys are most often used in repair of worn areas in components made of Copper. They provide enhanced wear and fretting resistance as well as added protection to oxidation when sealed. Typically these coatings are used on pumps as a form of cavitation control, as well as being used on Piston Guides, Shifter Forks and Compressor.

Copper Nickel Alloys

Copper-Nickel Alloys are particularly dense in nature and resistant to galling and fretting. These coatings have improved lubricity and are often used in Jet Engine Turbine blade Roots and Disk Slots.

B&B offer a wide selection of coating materials applied through the HVOF process, if you have any component that must perform within a high wear or high corrosion environment then this may be an option for you. B&B are ISO 9001:2015 certified and based just off the M1 in Huddersfield. You can email us on mail@bandbprecision.co.uk or call today on 01484866386


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