In this blog we’re going to look at how you can increase part life of wearing parts with applied industrial thermal coatings. You may be a printing company who needs to replace rollers due to wear changing the diameter of your part or you may be from the oil and gas industry looking to reduce down time through increasing the life of your drill parts.

How can you improve the performance of your parts whilst also reducing the cost?

By applying HVOF Thermal Coatings.

HVOF applied coating is a technology which improves or restores the surface of a solid material. The process can be used to apply coatings to a wide range of materials and components. HVOF applied coating are also used to provide electrical conductivity or insulation, lubricity, high or low friction, sacrificial wear, chemical resistance and many other desirable surface properties. It has huge scope to extend the life of new components or through the use of tried and tested techniques, to repair and re-engineer worn or damaged components. Here’s a case study in which part life was extended by 30 times, representing a big saving on both part cost and raw materials for our customer.

The process of increasing part life

First, identify the reason that the tool needs to be replaced frequently. Is it in an environment that’s..

  • High Wear
  • High Corrosion
  • High Erosion
  • High Temperature
  • High Impact
  • High Oxidation

Next, select the best thermal coating for your application. If you need help or advise, please speak to us. We can even create bespoke thermal coatings by mixing metal powders to meet your requirement. Here’s a few popular industrial thermal coatings for you to look at.

Tungsten Carbide CoatingStellite 6 CoatingAluminia Coating
Hydraulic Pistons
Drill Bits
Aerospace engines
Gate and Ball Valves
Down Hole Tools
Airplane landing
Pump applications
Valve Seats
Valve Gates
Pump Shafts
Erosion Shields  
Furnace Linings
Pump Seals
Wear Pads
Mechanical Seal Rings
Draw Rollers
Tension Gates

Then, decide if you would like us to manufacture the part and apply the coating or if you just require us to apply the thermal coating. We offer full engineering services to our customers and you may be able to save time and costs by choosing us to manufacture and coat your parts. Send through a quote request with images, dimensions and application details.

Finally, if you’re ready to go ahead with the quotation. Send us your order and wait for your tools to be supplied with your chosen HVOF thermal coating. If you need to test coatings before placing larger orders we can also accommodate this.

We hope this blog gave you some insight into how you can increase part life by applying HVOF thermal coatings. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote please contact us.

Email at or call us on +44 (0) 1484 866 386.


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