HVOF Coatings overview

HVOF is a versatile process that allows B&B to coat using a wide combination of materials. Here is a quick overview on the more popular materials choices for coatings, the properties they will give the component, and the industries they are popular with.

Tungsten Carbide: Tungsten Carbide is extremely tough, with a high hardness and density rating. It’s a very versatile coating that provides excellent wear resistance to a variety of parts, and is widely acknowledged as a suitable replacement for Hard Chrome Plating. Used across a variety of industries including on landing gears in the aerospace sector and hydraulic pistons due to its low porosity.

Nickel Alloys: Offer excellent Corrosion Resistance, and in particular perform well where chemical resistance is importance. Nickel Alloys are often used in marine environments and can perform within a wide temperature range. Nickel Alloys are non-magnetic and have low porosity. Nickel Alloys containing Chromium are often used within the Chemical Industry as they can resist hot oxidising and corrosive gases.

Copper Alloys: Many engineers will be familiar with electro-plated Copper. As a material Copper will enhance your component with added heat and electrical conductivity. Normally though, Electroplate Copper is very soft and malleable and the key advantage with HVOF applied Copper coatings are that they are hard and dense and will provide wear resistance. Pure Copper Coating is often used for EMI shielding.

Stellite 6: Stellite 6 provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as general purpose wear resistance to components. Stellite alloys are difficult to machine and so using HVOF gives you all the benefits of the material without the need for complex machining. Popularly used to coat Ball valves.

Ceramics: The main two attributes that any Ceramic Coating will give a component is heat and electrical resistance and HVOF applied Ceramics are very popular within the racing community as a way of insulating car exhausts.

Iron Alloys: Iron alloys have many of the attributes of Nickel and produces  a very smooth coating, which is idea for protecting parts from erosion or fretting. HVOF applied Iron coatings are also often used for dimensional repair.

Chromium Oxide: Chromium Oxide coatings perform especially well in corrosive chemical environments and are insoluble to acids, alkalis and alcohol when sealed. They can operate at very high temperatures and are a very dense, hard coating.

These are the most popular materials that we coat in, but we can also create bespoke coating compositions to meet your requirements. If you would like more information about HVOF applied coatings and see if they are right for your applications, get in touch today. mail@bandbprecision.co.uk 01484866386



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