Industrial coatings can appear anywhere, on different parts across many machines. In this blog we’re going to look at HVOF coatings for industrial applications. HVOF applied coating is a technology which improves or restores the surface of a solid material meaning they’re an excellent choice as an industrial coating for metal parts. Industrial coatings are usually applied to wear parts to increase their life span and can protect a diverse array of parts from corrosion, wear and heat.

Industry Applications

With applications ranging from:

  • Oil and Gas machinery
  • Automotive and planes parts
  • All other types of transportation equipment
  • Construction and agricultural equipment

Industrial coatings can make manufactured parts used in machinery and equipment last longer, often by protecting them from corrosion and heat. This helps to reduce downtime of machinery and saves cost not only on lost production time but also the cost of replacing parts over their lifetime.

Different types of HVOF coatings have different properties and you can read more about the key features of the most common HVOF coatings we apply on their own individual pages

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Custom Coatings

For example, Stellite 6 (as a ‘super alloy’) has high hardness and impact resistance properties. This means you can easily select the best industrial coating option for your application by selecting a coating with the key properties you require. In addition, we can also create custom industrial coatings by mixing powdered elements together to provide a truly bespoke industrial coating solution.

Restore Worn Parts

Industrial coatings are usually applied during the later stages of production in the finishing process of new part manufacture. They can also be used to restore the surface of a solid material meaning that repairs can be made to restore diameter and wall thickness to worn parts.

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