Internal Coatings may be required for industrial applications as well as external, for wear, corrosion and heat resistance.

Our new internal coating attachment means that we can offer high quality internal coating solutions on all types of metal components.

Today we are internally coating a Gate Valve body with Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten Carbide Coatings will withstand a high level of wear. Typical wear applications include erosion (low angle) abrasion, fretting, sliding wear and impact resistance.

Tungsten Carbide Coatings also provide excellent resistance to Oxidation thanks to their incredibly strong bond strength and low porosity which will seal off the base materials from its environment. Tungsten Carbide Coatings also have a fairly good resistance to chemically corrosive sources such as Acetone, Gasoline, Ethanol, Ammonia and well as Weak Acids.

Gate Valves, especially in high corrosion environments, are wear parts. Wearing parts are any components that are subject to daily wear and tear due to mechanical stress. When the component is worn out it shows in cracks, indentations, loss of diameter or material breakage.

These components are often made from metals with a higher hardness rating but sooner or later abrasion occurs on any metal. The complete replacement of wearing parts will be required eventually. The shutdown of machines is often associated with high financial expense. By coating the Gate Valve internally as well as externally the component will last much longer reducing plant down time, saving costs.

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