jigs and fixtures

The creation of jigs and fixtures is a key part of our production and is one of the core skills that allows us to manufacture complex parts efficiently. So what are Jigs and Fixtures and how do we use them?

Jigs and Fixtures hold the component and guides the work tool to enable reliable and consistent manufacture on a repeat basis. In many cases a specific set up will have to be created for the job that they are used. B&B create bespoke Jigs and Fixtures for both our CNC machining and HVOF coating services.

Using Jigs and Fixtures had several advantages for us as manufacturers and you as our customers. By ensuring a reliable manufacture to tight tolerances a jig/fixture increases productivity, reduces waste material and reduces variability. This speeds up our manufacturing process which in turn makes us more cost effective in larger volume orders. In HVOF thermal Spraying, Jigs/Fixtures allow us to ensure the non-destructive coating of parts and may be used in conjunction with rubber masking to selectively coat a component.

When designing Jigs/Fixtures for your job we will consider the accuracy, tolerances and geometry of the final component. We will also take into account the particular machine we intend to use the job and its locating devices, rigidity and clamping. With our years of experience B&B not only provide the full design and manufacture of Jigs/Fixtures for our jobs but also offer this as a speciality service in its own right.

B&B are able to use our precision machining experience to provide your business with a fully outsourced tool room service, and manufacturer a range of niche tooling for industry. For more information on Jigs and Fixtures please get in touch today, B&B are ISO certified and based just off the M1 inbetween Huddersfield and Wakefield. Call 01484866386 or email mail@bandbprecision.co.uk


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