A customer came to us with a problem, they needed to add a thread to a shaft but they’d turned the recess too deep. It was a large shaft and it would have been a great expense to replace. Read more to find out about our solution.



As we specialise in small batch work of complicated components we are well placed to assist with the repair or replacement of critical components. One of the ways we can repair parts is with Metal Spraying.


Repair using Metal Spraying

Where you have scratched, scored or worn components with critical dimensions you may want to consider metal spraying. Metal Spraying is an additive manufacturing process which allows us to build up a worn area and then grind back to size and has several advantages:

  • We are able to match the base material of the component, meaning our coating has better adhesion, and will have the same properties as before.

  • Our process utilises a KUKA robotic arm that can be programmed to spray a very specific area, saving significant time and money on masking.

  • We can metal spray over 1mm thick whilst retaining hardness and adhesion, this is significantly thicker than any Hard Chrome Electro-plating process you may be using at the moment.

Shaft Repair

The diameter wasn’t big enough on the recess to add the thread.

We couldn’t weld the shaft at it would put too much stress on the bar and cause it to bend.

Our solution was to attach cuffs around the shaft to fit in the recess and prevented them from spinning with a keyway. The cuffs could then be welded together to stay locked in place.

Now the thread could be added to the cuffed area, restoring the correct dimension.

We then finished the shaft by adding the thread and inspecting the part to ensure it would fit correctly with it’s mating part.

When repair is not possible..

Where a component cannot be repaired or it would not be cost effective to do so, we can work to your drawings or CAD files to produce a new one. Therefore, if you have unsuitable parts you have both options as to whether we repair or replace the part for you.

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