What is Arc Spraying?

Arc Spraying is the thermal technique that often has the highest productivity rate. A DC electric arc is placed between two wires of coating material. These wires melt which form the spray material and compressed gas is used to compress atomise the coating material and propel it towards the component. This will often give you a better bond and porosity rate compared with flame spraying but can sometimes produce arc light, ozone and fumes.


  • Arc spraying has the highest deposition rate of the thermal spraying processes, with rates of 15kg/hr or higher.
  • The process can offer lower cost coatings when compared with plasma and HVOF spraying. This is because of lower energy cost, high deposition rates and efficiencies and lower material costs associated with a wire consumable.
  • Low heating of the substrate makes arc spraying useful in metallizing thermally sensitive substrates such as capacitors and similar electronic components.
  • It is possible to spray two dissimilar wires and produce an intimately mixed coating. Examples include composites of copper and steel on brake discs and clutch pads, and composites of steel and bronze on bearing surfaces and machine tool slideways.
  • Higher bond strengths than achievable with flame spraying, even for thicker coatings. Bond strengths are similar over a wide range of spray angles.
  • Lower porosity levels than can be achieved by powder flame spraying.
  • Arc spraying does not require use of combustion gases or produce a high-energy plasma, and consequently poses fewer Health & Safety risks than other thermal spray processes


  • Not suitable for ceramics or cermets, can only spray electrically conductive materials in wire form.
  • Produces a large amount of dust and fumes during application.

Our New Arc Spraying System

Our latest investment is an industry leading Metallisation Arc Spraying system. The system is designed for demanding engineering and anti-corrosion applications. It’s suitable for hand held or robotic mounting giving us flexibility when coating complex shapes. The new system has undergone a rigorous design, engineering and testing program to bring the highest quality arc spraying system yet from Metallisation.

“The new Arc Spray system shows our commitment to investing in our coating capabilities so that we can offer the best industrial coating solutions in the UK.”
Steven Haigh
Managing Director

We have a number of industrial coating options available on site, read more about them here.

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