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B&B are very proud to announce that we have added to our shop floor, with the investment of a new XYZ 800HD Vertical Milling Machine. This new machine is a replacement for our retired Hurco machine and is one of four new additions to the shop floor in just the last two years.

“We see re-investment as being key to our long-term plans” says Steven Haigh, Managing Director “We are always looking at ways that we can work faster and more efficiently and with this new machine we should be able to speed up a number of operations, keeping us cost competitive on the market.”

The manufacturing landscape is ever changing and there have never been bigger advancements in the industry then right now. A whole host of new technologies, new machines and new practices are all coming into play. “Manufacturing has long been seen as a dirty, old fashioned and very male orientated industry, and is now trying to shake that off as it moves towards the future.”

Many people bemoan a ‘downturn’ in manufacturing in the UK and yet despite being a small, mostly rural island we are in fact the world’s 7th biggest manufacturer. Growth in this sector has been far larger then many predicted, although much of this has been put down to a weak pound. “The main focus of our business, is on our customers and what we can do to ensure we can provide them with a good service. Despite a strong industry we have seen many long-established businesses going under in recent years due to lack of investment, if you stand still you soon get left behind.”

B&B’s new XYZ 800HD is 4th axis ready and can be programmed offline, saving significant time during production. As a sub-contract manufacturer, we work from technical drawings and CAD files and can supply complete components including; sourcing, machining and finishing. B&B are ISO 9001 certified and deliver across the UK.




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