B and B precision have a range of machining and HVOF coating capabilities. One of our customers had a low volume requirement for large shaft sleeves. The shaft sleeve would be used in the production of aluminium foil and required precision machining. Due to it’s application, tungsten carbide thermal spray coating was chosen to prolong component life. Our in-house capabilities allowed us to offer our customer a complete machining service. This includes sourcing material, machining, HVOF coating and finishing.


The shaft sleeve was turned on a large lathe using a big steady and tuned boring bar. This is because our customer required a tight tolerance of +- 0.025 mm. The length of the shaft sleeve bore is 500 cm and we had to hold the tolerance over the length. It’s unusual for engineering companies to have such large and tight tolerance boring capabilities, which is why we wanted to share more about our offerings in this blog.

Take a look at our large shaft sleeve machining video here.

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Thermal Spray HVOF Coating

A shaft sleeve acts as a shield for the shaft assembly in pumps and compressors. It’s mounted over a shaft and shaft assembly to protect it in a corrosive environment. Shaft sleeves are one of the components we engineer that are used in many industries but due to their often hard-wearing environment they are easily worn over time.

By applying suitable industrial coatings, it can prolong the life of the component which saves money in the long run because you don’t have to replace worn parts as often. Our customer required a Tungsten Carbide coating because of the nature of the foil production application. Tungsten Carbide is the most versatile and widely used of our HVOF applied coatings and you can read more about Tungsten Carbide here.


B and B Precision have extensive experience of grinding virtually all metals from soft alloys through to hard carbide and even wear resistant coatings. We offer surface, cylindrical and internal grinding.

Grind diameters from:

3mm (1/8″) up to 500mm (20″) diameter

and up to 2800mm (110″) in length.


Our capabilities as an engineering business that offers complete engineering services in house including tight tolerance Boring and Tungsten Carbide Thermal Spray Coating enabled us to offer a cost effective and time saving solution to our customer.

If you’d like to discuss any machining or thermal spray HVOF coating requirements, please contact us either by email at mail@bandbprecision.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1484 866 386.

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