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It seems that the world today is becoming increasingly digital. We live in a world where the next generation would rather instant message then call each other and where kids play with their friends online as opposed to down the park.

Despite digital’s dominance of modern communication, the fact that it is easier and quicker than traditional methods also mean it is perceived as being less valuable and as such brands are still looking at ways to get their messages into people’s hands. The print industry in the UK employs around 122,000 people and is the fifth biggest printing country worldwide.

Printing Press Manufacturers are finding new innovation to improve the performance, longevity and environmental impact of their machines. Sustainable forest sources, recycled cleaning solvents and vegetable-based inks are just some of the ways in which print is looking to answer the environmental question. With this new emphasis on longevity, printing press manufacturers are turning to hard wearing and high-grade materials.

B&B have noticed a rise in enquiries form the printing press, lamination and foil industries. We work on a sub-contract basis providing a reliable source for machines. Everything we make is bespoke to our customers and common components include Cylinders, Rollers, Brackets, Plates, Levers, Mounting Blocks, Brackets and more.

We can manufacture parts in a range of materials from Aluminium, Carbon and Stainless Steels and even high wear Tool Steels. We are also able to hardface components using materials such as Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic and Chrome Oxide.

We understand the importance to any machine manufacturer of having a reliable source of parts as and when you need them and so we will often recommend working to call off orders, holding stock for when you need it.

B&B are an ISO certified manufacturer who deliver across the UK. Contact us today with your technical drawings or CAD files for a no obligation quotation.


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