What is prototyping?

All types of industries use prototypes, but in manufacturing a prototype is typically an early model of a product used to develop aspects of the actual finished product. Prototypes provide proof a design is viable and an idea of the aesthetics of the design. Prototypes also provide information on production techniques, materials, and costs for large scale production. Prototypes also allow for feedback from internal or external stakeholders.

Prototyping Services

We offer CNC machined prototypes including 1 off and low volume requirements. Please send through all relevant information when requesting a quote.

  1. Request a quote
  2. Send through your design drawings
  3. Receive your prototype

When quoting we will use the latest material prices from our longstanding suppliers to give you an accurate price. We’ll also advise on lead times and work with you to meet deadlines where possible. Once we’ve received your drawing we may contact you with queries.  

You prototype will be inspected again your design to drawing to ensure dimensions and tolerances meet requirements. We a number of measurement tools including a shadowgraph and CMM for quality inspection. A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) measures the geometry of physical objects. It uses a probe to sense discrete points across an objects surface. It can measure the dimensions of a machined part using coordinate technology. The dimension open to measurements include the height, width and depth in the X, Y, and Z axis, as well as angles, radii and geometric features.

Prototype Parts

We’ve recently CNC machined a prototype for a racecar using 4th axis technology on one of our Haas machining centers. Due to NDAs we can’t actually show you the part. But take our word for it, it’s impressive!

Request a prototype quote

If you’d like to discuss your requirements with us please contact us either by email at mail@bandbprecision.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1484 866 386.

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