Repair Worn Parts With HVOF

You can prolong the life of your parts that have been damaged through wear using HVOF. HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) is an additive process that fires powdered material onto the metal at extreme velocities creating coatings with an extremely high bond and low porosity.

In many ways HVOF is the modern equivalent to Metal Spraying, only with significantly advanced technology. Using this process you can build up an area to a required thickness and then grind in order to create a finished product.

There is a wide range of coatings available meaning we can often match the original material, or can create a custom coating that can give your components added properties such as increased corrosion and wear resistance. Virtually any component which is subject to wear, erosion or corrosion could benefit from HVOF and common materials used include steels, nickel alloys, carbides, bronze, copper and stainless alloys. This is a great process for the repair of Shafts, Pumps, Valves as well as a range of components for the aerospace and mining industries.

B&B have invested heavily in our HVOF technology, and alongside a spray booth and all coatings are applied through a state of the KUKA robotic arm to ensure repeatability and absolute control of the coating process. We can produce both jigging and masking enabling us to effectively rebuild your component, grind it down and finish as new. 

Contact us today to see if we can help extend part like through the repair and reclamation of your parts. Email our team on: or give us a call on: 01484866386


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