B&B Precision: roll forming design considerations

B&B Precision work alongside a number of Roll Forming Manufacturers designing, machining and repairing rolls, pulleys, shafts and other tooling. When starting a new project we are often asked about the limitations and recommendations for components that can be processed through Roll Forming here’s what to consider:


Roll Forming is an in-line process that can produce the same component at a varying lengths. The only real limitation on the length is how much coil can be fed into the line. Roll forming is better suited to high volume production and produces less scrap using coil than sheet metal.


Most Coiled Materials are suitable for Roll Forming, and in many cases components that are traditionally extruded could be redesigned to be Roll Formed which may be more canonical if the part in question is likely to be produced in higher volumes. Common Materials that are Roll Formed include Carbon and Stainless Steels, Brass, Aluminium, Copper and Lead. Materials should be as ductile as design strength will allow so to encourage crisp design and easy bending.


Roll Forming is perfect for the creation of uniform cross sections that are easily bent. This makes them ideal for the manufacture of Rings and Ring Segments, as the roll formed shapes can be curved to a uniform radii without wrinkles or disturbing the prefinished shapes. It’s important to consider a material’s elongation when considering curving as the more elongation the easier it is to bend.


Pre-Piercing is the fabrication of a series of holes in the flat strip before forming and can be done in a continuous operation with roll forming, saving time and money. Post-Piercing takes place after the part has been formed. Generally speaking Pre-Piercing is the more cost effective method, although as both can be performed without handling, they are very efficient.

Design Restrictions

There are a few restriction to roll forming, Blind Bends are particularly difficult to control in the process and narrow slots which will require narrow rolls which will present heat treatment problems. In order to be more economical the product shouldn’t have a deep shape and where possible uniform thickness.

B&B Precision supply full tooling to Roll Forming manufacturers. We are ISO certified, deliver across the country and usually offer some level of stock holding.


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