B&B Precision: roll forming overview

Roll forming is the continuous bending of a strip of a material into a desired angles, cross section or shape. It is a cold-forming process that gradually bends flat metal into a finished, uniform profile by passing it through a series of mated forming Rolls, Dies and Stamps.

This simple process consists off, strips being fed through an entry guide, then passing through forming Rolls. These Rolls form bends and the variation in the incline of the bend is dependent on the type of metal and the internal conditions within the process. This makes Cold Rollforming a very adaptable process used across a diverse range of sectors and applications. There is a large array of materials useable in the process, including both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Common materials employed in roll forming are : Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Lead etc.

Rollforming has a number of advantages over an extrusion process. Roll formed sections are often lighter, thinner and demonstrate higher durability. There are a wide variety of application for Roll formed sections including Purlins used in roofing, Fences, Elevators, Window tracks in automobiles and even office furniture.

B&B precision have been supporting Roll Forming Manufacturers in a variety of fields with the outsourced production of tolling including: Rolls, Pulleys, Shafts and more. Our customer’s applications have varied from Purlins to Wire Drawing. We can supply complete tooling with sourcing, manufacturing and coating for repair. We are based in West Yorkshire but deliver across the UK and offer stock holding and Call Off orders.


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