Stellite HVOF Coatings

HVOF Thermal Coating Process

B and B Precision Engineering offer a range of High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) thermal coating solutions. HVOF materials include: Tungsten Carbide, Nickle Alloy, Copper Alloy, Ceramic and Stellite. Each coating has a unique set of properties that benefit specific applications across industries. Stellite Alloys are a family of Cobalt- Chromium ‘super alloys’ consisting of complex carbides. A ‘superalloy’ is an alloy with the ability to operate at a high percentage of its melting point. HVOF Coating Stellite 6 is one of the Stellite coating compositions available and often referred to as the industry standard Stellite Coating.

Stellite 6 Coating

Stellite 6

One of the applications which can benefit from the use of Stellite 6 coatings is Exhaust Valves and Seats. This is because Stellite 6 coatings resist high temperature oxidation and high temperature wear, even up to up to 500°c. The addition of Tungsten and Carbon produces Tungsten Carbide within the Stellite 6 coating which increases the hardness and improves wear properties to a hardness rating of HR15N. Note that Stellite 6 has a thickness limitation of 2mm.

for Exhaust Valves and Seats

HVOF Coating Process

With the Coating Composition selected, it is fed into our Thermal Spray gun where it is essentially heated up and fired out. HVOF utilises confined combustion and an extended nozzle to heat and accelerate the powdered coating material. Typical HVOF devices operate at hypersonic gas velocities, i.e. greater than MACH 3. Extreme velocities provide kinetic energy which help produce coatings that are very dense and very well adhered in the as-sprayed condition.

Our engineering team will also carry out a range of finishing processes in house. Including Grinding, Lapping, Sealing and arrangement of Heat Treatment. Read the full B and B Precision HVOF process here.

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HVOF Coating Enquiries

To submit HVOF coating enquiries, please send your enquiry through via email with any relevant images and information or give us a call to discuss. During the enquiry process we can provide technical data sheets and help advise on coating options.  

hvof powders
HVOF Material

In some cases you may know of a coating by a brand name and we can usually match the coating as the base materials are the same. Plus, we are also able to combine different materials in order for us to provide a truly bespoke solution for your application. Our High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coatings are competitively priced and we have in house local collection and delivery available or we can coordinate with your chosen courier service. Send us your enquiries here.

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