B&B Precision stressful summer vacations

It is only a matter of weeks now until the summer holidays begin in earnest. Despite the fact they come around every year, the next few months represent one of the most challenging for any manufacturer.

Staff Absences

Many of your team will have long planned their summer getaway, and no doubt you’ll have it marked on the board and may already be preparing your schedule around their availability. Where production is concerned it is only sensible to have people who can run the same machines/systems off at alternate intervals, but we all know this is not completely full proof. Unexpected absences such as sickness can have a major impact in this period where you have a reduced workforce, not to mention those team members who are mysteriously get sick just as the kids break up from school! With some team members absent for 2-3 weeks its not difficult for resources to become stretched and deadlines get missed.

Supplier Absences

One way in which to counteract this issue is to send work out to third parties and sub-contractors. This will reduce your risk, but obviously they themselves will have staff away on holiday or caring for children. Where a component requires multiple processes from multiple sources you may actually be increasing the risk of late delivery by increasing the chances that the person who runs that machine is away. So what should you look for?

Complimentary Services

This is where B&B Precision can potentially help. We have invested heavily in order to offer a range of manufacturing services all under one roof which includes: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Surface Grinding, Internal Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, Hard Part Turning, HVOF Coating and EDM Wire Erosion. This range of services enables us to supply complete components where you may currently be using a number of suppliers. We also have a good mix in terms of the team here, although we always consider ourselves to be family friendly (in fact some of our families come in to lend an extra hand over summer!) we have ensured that we can fulfill those crucial orders over the summer period to support our customers.

This is of course, much easier to do with advanced notice, so if you have a difficult component that you worry may not be completed over the summer why not send through your drawing for a no obligation quote?



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