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The very nature of sub-contract engineering is diverse. In any given day we are dealing with multiple components for multiple customers across multiple sectors. As such we are used to handling those enquiries for non-common components from customers, and quickly figuring out how to manufacture that part in a cost effective manner. Aiding us in this is the technical information provided to us by customers which can come in a variety of formats….

Technical Drawings

Most commonly, customers will send through their enquiry with a technical drawing, often as a PDF or even a JPEG. In order to work on your components in as quick and effective way as possible its important that any critical dimensions are on the component. Quite often we have found chasing a missing measurement or dimension can delay production by a week or more. Where your component is part of a larger assembly or has to mate with another component, it may also be useful to have reference of this as well, even where we are not manufacturing that part.

CAD files and 3D Software

A 3D view of the component can be extremely useful for us in production, especially in detailing angled holes or interior dimensions that may not be easily shown on flat drawings. We can work with a number of CAD files including DWP and STP files. In some cases, these files can be directly fed through to our machines programme, further saving time.

Existing Components

Where technical drawings be not be available, perhaps for a part form a bust manufacturer or obsolete model, we can take an existing component and draw up dimensions from this. One advantage that B&B have over other suppliers is that we have our own metallurgical laboratory on site which allows us to conduct full material analysis where needed. For more complex components we have also worked with 3D scanning equipment in order to map tolerance dimensions.


We understand that some companies may be worried about their intellectual property and wish to protect their drawings. We would firstly like to remind people that being sub-contract in nature we do not manufacture our own products and there is no strategic advantage in us sharing your drawings. B&B are more than happy to sign any Non-Disclosure agreement where it will make our customers feel more comfortable.

No matter what format you send through your drawings, having the correct information, and all relevant information is crucial to production of your components. Contact B&B to see if we can help you with your precision engineering or thermal coating project.


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