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Five years ago, B&B Precision asked ourselves what service could we provide that would add value to our customers, compliment our machining work and make us a little different and the answer we came upon was Thermal Spray Coatings.

Thermal Spray is a way of hardfacing a component with a dense and hard material without causing distortion and is used to extend part life in environments with extreme levels of wear, corrosion and temperature.

Our Investment

After reviewing the options, we opted in install a HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel) system in site in our manufacturing site in West Yorkshire. HVOF allows the spraying of hard carbide materials and in our opinion represents the best quality of coatings when compared to the other thermal spray options. Our specially designed Thermal Spray Booth is only six CO² controlled facilities in Europe, and all of our coatings are carried out by a KUKA robotic arm, giving us the best possible conditions and control over our coatings. We also invested in our own on-site metallurgical laboratory to allow us to fully quality control our process.

Materials We Coat

The HVOF process takes powdered materials that can be formulated to suit your needs, the most popular coating materials include:

Tungsten Carbide – High Wear Resistance, Strong Corrosion Resistance and a Hard Chrome Replacement

Inconel – We can replicate both 718 and 625 grades. Inconel can perform at high temperatures and has excellent corrosion resistance properties.

Stellite 6 – Excellent corrosion resistance and high impact resistance.

Alumina – Electrical and Thermal Resistance properties and often used to repair components.

Components New and Old

Thermal Spray coatings can be used to increase the part life of new components such as impellers, wear sleeves, shafts, thermowells and more but as an additive process it can also be used to repair components. Where you have scored/worn/scratched components we can match the material of the component, spray back to size and then grind to tolerance.

B&B Precision are fully ISO certified and deliver across the country, with our own transport for local customers. Contact us today to see if we can help with your coating and hardfacing requirements. mail@bandbprecision.co.uk


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