About TIG Welding

Did you know that we offer Tig Welding as part of our complete engineering services?

TIG welding is an extremely versatile welding technology. Useful in a variety of industries, from aerospace to pharmaceutical.

TIG welding offers superior weld quality which is why it’s so popular. Using a TIG welder properly results in a smooth, even and excellent quality weld. Even materials that can be difficult to weld smoothly, like stainless steel, can be impressively and beautifully joined using a TIG welder.

TIG welding allows for real-time temperature control which helps to avoid overheating that will warp the metal. Plus the process is used in combination with an inert, non-reactive shielding gas which protects the electrode from contamination

TIG Welding Video

Here’s a 1 minute video of our latest weld project.

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