B and B Precision’s latest Tungsten Carbide coating is for a leading UK material handling company. The coating was applied across a series of spikes that run the length of a roller. As the spikes are also wearing parts our customer chose a tungsten carbide coating to help increase part life.

Industrial Roller Coating

B and B Precision have many years’ experience coating Rollers for a wide range of industries. The ‘teeth’ on this Roller had to carefully coated due to it’s profile. Usually, Rollers are spun as the coating is applied to ensure an even coat but this was not possible due to the partial coating across the spiked tool. Most commonly B and B Precision coat rollers for the print, packaging and composites industries and often ‘grip coat’ dyno rollers for automotive applications. We can coat with materials such as Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Oxide, Stellite 6, Alumina and Inconel and even apply bespoke coatings. Not only does applying coatings allow us to coat a cheaper base material with a hard layer, but we can also repair worn/scratched and scored rollers back to size. Then ground back to tolerance.

The heavy machining equipment which required this spiked roller can greatly benefit from coating wearing parts like this. Read more about coating wearing parts here.

Tungsten Carbide Coating

Tungsten Carbide is the most versatile and widely used of our HVOF applied coatings. Tungsten Carbide materials are recommended for wear applications with service temperatures of less than 500 Degrees Celsius as higher temperatures will result in the formation of brittle phases that reduce wear resistance and coating integrity. This hard-wearing coating is often used when coating: down hole tools, aerospace engines, ball valves and drill bits. It’s wear, oxidation, erosion, and impact resistant properties make it ideal for surviving in harsh environments.

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