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Carbide Metals are increasingly popular in Wire Drawing applications, in fact Cemented Carbide was first invented in Germany specifically for the production of dies.

Why Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten Carbide is often abbreviated to WC as in the periodic table, but may also be called TC, Cemented Carbide and Widia. It is a non-oxidising materials which can withstand high temperatures whilst retaining its hardness and wear resistance.

Any Drawing Tool including Dies, Rolls and Pulleys must be significantly harder than the material that is being drawn. This has led to the implementation of harder and more wear resistant materials. Typically Tungsten Carbide is specified when materials with a high carbon content or high levels of abrasion, where PCD dies would not be cost effective. In many cases Tungsten Carbide has replaced Steel as the material of choice due to its excellent wear resistance.


As a ‘Hard’ metal, Tungsten requires greater cutting forces and longer passes in order to be machined effectively. The purity of the alloy affects the hardness of the material and its machinability. As a general guide Tungsten Carbide will have a similar machinability to Grey Cast Iron, but this is dependent on the purity. If the metal has a lower percentage of Tungsten then it will machine similar to Stainless Steel, whereas with a purer metal it will be tougher than titanium. This is where our experience comes into play. We have a particular specialism in Hard Turning of Powder Met Steels and Tungsten Carbide.

As well as the machining of Tungsten Carbide itself, we also have our own state of the art metal spraying facilities. The advantage of this process is that you take a cheaper base material, for example Aluminium and then spray it with a hard layer of Tungsten Carbide. As an additive process this could also be used to build worn shafts back up to tolerance.

Not only could this mean you could re-purpose your current rollers for higher abrasion application, but also extend the life of current tools.

What We Offer

B&B offer a full tooling solution including the production of Round, Hexagonal, Rectangular and Square Drawing dies as well as rollers, pulleys, clamps, jaws and more. We are ISO accredited and deliver across the UK.


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