What are wearing parts?

Wearing parts are any components that are subject to daily wear and tear due to mechanical stress. When the component is worn out it shows in cracks, indentations, holes or material breakage.

These components are often made from metals with a higher hardness rating but sooner or later abrasion occurs on any metal. The complete replacement of wearing parts will be required eventually.

The shutdown of machines is often associated with high financial expense. In order to save costs, these machines are kept in operation by replacing only a single worn component before failure. Some companies keep a spare part and will replace components after a set amount of time or from regular visual inspections. These parts which have to be replaced are generally called wear / wearing parts.

What industries have wearing parts?

For cement plants:For vehicle construction:
Railway wagons
Transport containers
Truck bodies
Crane booms
For machine construction:Print Industry parts:
Tipper bodies
Excavator shovels
Sliding signs
Crushing and sieving plants
Side armour and claddings
Printing Rollers
Pressing Tools
Machine Bars
Tear and Brake Cams
Folding Jaws
Agricultural parts:Other wear parts:
Loader Bushes
Loader Teeth
Plough parts
Cultivator parts
Harrow parts
Stone Mills
Crushing plants
Vibrating sieves
Scrap metal presses
Drying ovens

How can B and B Precision help companies with their wearing parts?

We can offer HVOF coatings on all the above metal components to increase component life*. This saves costs in the long terms with less time spent changing wearing parts and less parts bought. Speak to us about manufacturing your components as we can offer complete engineering services on many of the above components. This includes material sourcing, machining, finishing, inspection and delivery.

“B and B Precision are sub-contract manufacturers with a niche in the machining of bespoke complex components and repairs. Everything we produce is bespoke to our customers needs and we work to technical drawings, CAD Files or existing parts to provide a complete engineering service. “

*Please note that we do not carry out repairs and only manufacture complete components.

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