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Wire Drawing is a popular process in the production of springs, cables and electrical wire. In its essence it involves pulling wire through a die. As the wire is drawn through the die, its volume remains the same so as the diameter decreases, the length of the wire increases.


Wire drawing has been around for thousands of years and in fact the first example of metal being formed into wire comes from 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt where jewellery was created by twisting strips of metal into a hollow tube and then rolling this between two flat surfaces to form a thin, solid wire. The current incarnation of the wire drawing process is essentially a fine tuning of a similar method developed by the Vikings.


Wire Drawing is a different process from Extrusion in two noticeable ways. The first is that in extrusion the wire is pushed where as in drawing it is pulled. The second is that it is a cold process rather than a hot and can be carried out at room temperature. A rotating block pulls the fire through a series of successively smaller dies until it reaches the desired size and ultimately being wound around the block. These dies need to be manufactured from materials which are significantly harder than the drawn metal and including Tool Steels, Tungsten Carbide and Diamond and will need an amount of lubrication to extend part life.


Cold working by wire drawing gives advantages in size accuracy, straightness and increased mechanical properties when compared to its hot drawing counterpart. Cold Drawn wire exhibits a bright and almost polished finish and will have improved machining characteristics making it ideal for production.

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