Wire Industry Tooling Service

As a sub-contract manufacturer, we aim to work closely with our customers to provide a regular flow of components, and nowhere is this more evident than our work with Wire Manufacturers and formers. For over 22 years we have worked with businesses in this field to provide a completely outsourced tooling service.

Consumables We Make

Working from your drawings we produce a wide range of consumables. We can produce Rollers in a range of sizes and design with grooves and basic patterning. This includes Turks Head Rollers, Single and Double Faced Rollers as well as associated items such as Feed Rolls, Coiling Points, Pitch Spacers, Centre Mandrels, Pulleys, Guides and Extrusion Shafts. We can also produce components such as chucks, jaws and other holding tools as well as components for shoe assemblies.

Materials We Work In

We work with most common materials associated with Wire Industry Tooling including Aluminium, Copper and Nylon, but also have experience with harder metals used in applications with higher levels of wear this includes Carbon and Stainless Steels, Tungsten Carbide and Powder Metals.

Specialities We Have

One of our specialities in this industry is the Hard Turning of these harder materials to tight tolerances, and the other is to combine our machining capacity with our in-house HVOF metal spraying. This allows us to supply complete components such as Tungsten Carbide coated rolls as well as providing a repair service on worn rollers.

Stock Holding Options

In order to provide a regular and reliable supply of consumables we will most often provide some level of stock holding /call off orders for our Wire Customers and we try and get advanced notice on their requirements to make sure we have adequate stock levels.

B&B Precision are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and work across the UK. If you are a Wire Manufacturer and looking for a reliable supply of consumables, get in touch today.


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