Wire Rolling

Rolling is the technical process of transforming the cross section of a feed stock that passes through a set of rotationally symmetric tools called rolls. Besides shape, the rolling process also changes characteristics of the processed material such as strength, microstructure, and surface.

The 7 different rollers we’re engineering gradually get smaller in size to form the wire with the desired profile.

Supporting the Wire Rolling Industry

B&B Precision have over 22 years’ experience working alongside Wire Manufacturers to produce a wide range of tooling. Working from your drawings, CAD or DXF files we can manufacturer complete components.

Common Components we make include Feed Rolls, Guide Rolls, Drawing Dies, Coiling Points, Pulleys, Wire Guides, Pitch Spacers, Centre Mandrels and Turks Head Rolls.

We can work in a wide variety of materials and have a specialty in the Hard Turning of Cast Materials and Powder Met Steels. We also have our own in-house metal spraying capabilities and can use our HVOF system to produce Tungsten Carbide Rolls in their entirety or repair worn and damaged parts back to side.

  • This particular wire rolling was manufactured from a sample, then copied to an existing item.
  • 550mm Diameter
  • CNC Turned
  • CNC Milled
  • Thermal Spray Coated
  • Finished Ground Outside Diameter
  • Used in wire manufacture, to pull profile wire through turks head rolls

For enquiries – Email at mail@bandbprecision.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1484 866 386.


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