Cylindrical Grinding 500mm dia x 2800mm long

Cylindrical Grinding allows components to be ground on all outside diameters that are mounted between fixed or rotating centres. Universal Cylindrical Grinding allows internal surfaces to be ground in the same set up usually when the component is held in a chuck or magnet.

As a sub-contract manufacturer, B&B have extensive experience of grinding virtually all metals from soft alloys through to hard carbide and even wear resistant coatings. We are able to grind diameters from 3mm (1/8″) up to 500mm (20″) diameter and up to 2800mm (110″) in length.

Grinding Capacity

Tschudin TL155U Universal Grinder: Max Diam 505mm x 1.5 metres long

Jones & Shipman Format 15 CNC Grinder: Max Diam 250mm x 70mm between centres

Jones & Shipman Uni Cylinder Grinder: Max Swing 300mm x 850mm between centres

Chruchill Cylindrical Grinder: Max Diam 508mm x 2800mm between centres with DROA

Jones & Shipman 540 Surface Grinder: 450mm x 150mm magnetic table

Snow Hydraulic Horizontal Surface Grinder: Max Diam 310mm x 76mm Bar

Thompson Surface Grinder: 500 x 500 x 250mm magnetic chuck with demagnetiser

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