Standard reciprocating table grinders allows B&B to tackle most forms of Surface Grinding.

Special Jigs and Fixtures can be made in house to grind irregular shaped components in materials as diverse as Lead Bronze and Tungsten Carbide.

Components up to a maximum of 500mm x 2500mm can be surface ground. Dimensional tolerances up to 0.010mm (0.0003″) can be achieved. B&B can achieve surface finishes of 0.4Ra which can be produced and measured using a Taylor Hobson Surface Finish Tester. B&B Precision offer a lapping service for components with critical flatness requirements.

We also offer Lapping which allows us to produce parts with flat and polished products and components.

Grinding Capacity

Tschudin TL155U Universal Grinder: Max Diam 505mm x 1.5 metres long

Jones & Shipman Format 15 CNC Grinder: Max Diam 250mm x 70mm between centres

Jones & Shipman Uni Cylinder Grinder: Max Swing 300mm x 850mm between centres

Churchill Cylindrical Grinder: Max Diam 508mm x 2800mm between centres with DROA

Jones & Shipman 540 Surface Grinder: 450mm x 150mm magnetic table

Snow Hydraulic Horizontal Surface Grinder: Max Diam 310mm x 76mm Bar

Thompson Surface Grinder: 500 x 500 x 250mm magnetic chuck with demagnetiser

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