B&B Precision Engineering provide a full manufacturing service for a wide variety of customers and segments. We provide a range of complimentary services including: CNC Machining, HVOF Coating, EDM Wire Erosion and more. Below are just a few examples of industries we serve and components we make.

Wire Tooling
Roll Forming Tools
Repair & Refurbishment

What We Offer

CNC Machining

Working from your drawings, CAD or DXF files, B&B can provide full CNC machining of small to medium sized components. We have extensive experience in the manufacturer of a wide range of valve components and types, and with in-house machining and coating can supply complete. Our services include: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Surface Grinding, Internal Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, Hard Part Turning, HVOF Coating, Flame Spray Coating, Lapping, EDM Wire Erosion


As a sub-contract manufacturer we are used to dealing with a wide variety of materials and these would include Cast Steels, Cast Iron and Cast Magnesium that are often used in valves. We are also able to machine ‘hard’ and ‘exotic’ materials such as Inconels, Monels and Kovar. As well as working from your castings or free issue material we are also able to source our own and will provide full traceability of materials.

Metal Finishing

B&B are also able to offer Thermal Spray Coating of Valve components. These coatings are most often used in extreme wear and corrosive environments with high temperatures. Common coating materials include Stellite 6 and Tungsten Carbide. We also have trusted partners for anodising, plating or painting to finish.

Repair and Refurbishments

As Thermal Spraying is an additive process it can be used to build up worn areas and then will be ground back to tolerance. The advantage of the HVOF process is that we can customise our coating makeup to match the base materials and attributes of the component, and due to the extreme velocities involved in the process, there will always be a strong adherence often impregnating the base metal. Repair of parts is often significantly cheaper than buying new ones.