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About B&B

B&B Precision Engineering (Huddersfield) Limited offer customers a complete manufacturing service of complex and intricate components that require multiple process steps. Working with technical drawings we can source materials, provide full CNC machining and HVOF coating services with worldwide delivery.

We work with customers to develop long term relationships with supplier arrangements that best suit your needs. This may include holding finished stock, direct to line deliveries or similar types of solutions.

We specialise in low to medium volume manufacturing and supply a wide range of components to all industries from our modern manufacturing facility in West Yorkshire (just off the M1 motorway). Which includes the latest CNC machines, Thermal Spraying booths and a dedicated quality department including metallurgical laboratory. We are are also fully ISO accredited.

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Team Prawn Racing

“Ceramic coat our whole downpipe and wastegate route! 
The quality of finish is awesome, and the difference in heat radiation from the exhaust is immediately noticeable when working in the engine bay. Couldn’t be happier with that for an unexpected surprise thanks guys.”

“As well as exhaust coatings, B and B also offer a wide range of industrial coatings and finishes, machining work, and bespoke engineering services. Check them out!”

Check out their instagram account to view the images of this exhaust.