Components in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries often are exposed to wear mechanisms as well as chemical attack and erosion. Failure of components can lead to massive financial losses. We are all aware of the terrible consequences that result from large oil spills and the associated ecological impact. Reliability therefore is a critical factor. This is especially true in continuous production operations.

One key area where significant cost savings could be made is in the production of ‘Christmas Trees’ these are large assemblies of valves, spools and fittings and are used both above and below the water to control the flow of Oil or Gas out of the well. The typical cost of a subsea can exceed £4m and have an operational lifespan of 50 years but most components will need to be refurbished/replaced after 25 years which represents a huge cost not only in new components but also in the use of ROV technology or diving teams to carry out the work. One example on this was the retrospective bolt preservation of North Sea Oil assets which was carried out in 2000, despite the relatively inexpensive nature and ease of procurement for bolts, this preservation effort still accounted for costs of between £150,000- £250,000.

As such any process that can extend component life can have a real financial impact. These components often need to withstand a variety of corrosive factors including high temperatures, high pressure, high wear and often a range of corrosive sources. This is where Thermal Sprayed Coatings can be of great benefit. Using a variety of material compositions, beneficial properties can be added to the surface to suit the specific application. The acceptance and adoption for Thermal Spray coatings have steadily grown and is suitable for components including: Sleeves, Bearings and bearing bushes, Extruders, Hydraulic plungers, Pump shafts,Compressor rods, Rotors and seals.

B&B Precision provide Thermal Sprayed Coatings including Tungsten Carbide, Stellite 6 and Chrome Oxide. These processes can greatly extend the component of Oil and Gas components, and as an additive process could also be used to repair of worn areas. We are an ISO certified and based in West Yorkshire.

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