High speed machining offers more parts, more quickly, meaning less cost. It’s certainly an attractive process to most manufacturers but is not without some challenges.


In order to machine at high speeds there is much more stopping and starting. This increases the rate of wear in your machine parts such as spindle bearings, ball screws and means higher maintenance cost and the increased risk of machine breakdown.

Expensive Inserts

Machining at high speeds means you will need to invest in the right cutting tools. Often these inserts are made of Carbon Boron Nitride or Tungsten Carbide, and do not come cheaply. Obviously you will be able to justify this increased costs against potential time saving, but initially there may be a period of trial and error which can be very costly.

Write Offs

During this trial and error period, human, hardware or software errors may mean write offs due to the fact that the CNC machine cannot be stopped quickly enough to correct the problem. High speed machining requires specific process knowledge, programming equipment and interfaces. Without the right staff it can be anything from straight forward.


Last but certainly not least, higher machining speeds and increased wear on parts means there is an increased chance of someone being hurt. Regular maintenance checks must be carried out especially thins like screws or tools with long overhangs.

About us

There’s and way you can enjoy the benefits of high speed machining without the risk…by subcontracting with B&B Precision! Not only do we work with a wide variety of materials, industries and components but we also have staff used to running the machines at optimum speed, and have even developed our own diamond cutting tools to enable us to carry out processes like Hard Part Turning. We are fully ISO certified and based just off the M1 in Huddersfield. Email us today at: mail@bandbprecision.co.uk or call 01484866386

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