Inspection, Measurement and Testing.


ISO 9001: 2015

Our dedicated Quality Department are able to undertake a wide range of analysis, testing and measurement procedures. By carrying these out in house not only can we ensure that all products are inspected before they are dispatched, but we can do so in quick and efficient manner that won’t affect lead times

Inspection Reports

We can undertake a wide variety of bespoke inspection reports which includes: Hardness Testing, Surface Finish Measurements, Microscopic Structure Analysis, Adhesion Testing to ASTM C-633 and ASTM D4624. Our Quality Department includes a wide range of metallurgical inspection equipment as well as a CMM and Shadowgraph.

Metallurgical Laboratory

We have invested in the latest manufacturing technology and this is supported by a dedicated quality department that has a fully equipped in-house laboratory and extensive test and measurement equipment.

Quality Audits

As part of our dedication to continuous improvement, we undertake a full customer audit. We asked our customers to rate us on enquiries, production and quality and anonymously collected the data.

Without a doubt, one of the areas where we saw positive feedback from our customers was on Quality Control. Across the board both big and small companies said they had not experienced any quality issues with the components that B&B had supplied.

“I have been speaking to customers both large and small across a wide range of sectors, and even customers who have stopped using our services. It was very rare that someone cited Quality issues and often when they did it was a small issue on one part to a client who we may process thousands of components.” said Oliver who carried out the audit.

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