As a sub-contract manufacturer B&B Precision understand the key word when machining any sized production run is consistency. Here are some tips to ensure consistency throughout the life cycle of your manufacture.


It’s key that any potential quality issues are dealt with at the earliest stage. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that all drawings will be accurate. It’s important experienced engineers look over drawings and raise potential issues. This stage is often referred to as ‘Design For Manufacture”and is a prerequisite in many industries we work.


Cheap materials compromise the end product. Manufacturers often attempt to cut costs through new suppliers but sub-standard material will often result in part failure. Ensure you are using quality parts from verified sellers, this is key in lowering quality risks. B&B work with a select group of local companies for all our materials and can supply certificates of conformity where required.


Machining is of course where most quality issues come from. Despite advancements in CNC machines, quite often quality issues come from the people operating those machines. B&B believe that it’s important that CNC machinists have a background and understanding of manual milling. This means they understand the fundamentals of machining a component, and how to get the best out of the machine combining speed with precision.


The final step in ensuring quality components comes from inspection. What facilities and reports can you run to ensure that every component is as it should be? What procedures should be in place and are you actually following them? We not only have full inspection and measurement systems in house but have invested in our own metallurgical laboratory to enable us to check the quality of our coatings.

Finding and dealing with quality issues is key and its only by examining every step of the process that engineers can solve production bottlenecks. If you’re looking for a quality sub-contractor than look no further than B&B precision. We provide competitive pricing on the machining in small to medium volumes. Contact us at: or call us today on 01484 866 386

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