Repairs, Replacements and Reverse Engineering

As B&B specialise in small batch work of complicated components, we are well placed to assist you with the repair or replacement of critical components. Our complimentary services include:

Repair using Metal Spraying

Where you have scratched, scored or worn components with critical dimensions you may want to consider metal spraying. Metal Spraying is an additive manufacturing process which allows us to build up a worn area and then grind back to size and has several advantages:

  • We are able to match the base material of the component, meaning our coating has better adhesion, and will have the same properties as before.
  • Our process utilises a KUKA robotic arm that can be programmed to spray a very specific area, saving significant time and money on masking.
  • We can metal spray over 1mm thick whilst retaining hardness and adhesion, this is significantly thicker than any Hard Chrome Electro-plating process you may be using at the moment.
hvof process

Replacement Components

Where a component cannot be repaired or it would not be cost effective to do so, B&B can work to your drawings or CAD files to produce a new one. As a sub-contract manufacturer we are used to producing parts in small-medium volumes in a cost effective manner. We offer a range of machining services including, CNC Milling, CNC turning, Cylindrical Grinding, Surface Grinding, Internal Grinding, Hard Part Turning, Slotting and EDM Wire Erosion.

We work in a wide range of engineering materials including Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Iron, Cast Metals and can even source these for you from reliable suppliers.

Reverse Engineering

Where you may not have a drawing or the original manufacturer may no longer exist, B&B can provide a full reverse engineering service. Whether you can send us the broken part, pictures or even a scribble on a notepad we can help you create a new part from scratch. We can use solidworks to create a 3D model of your part and then source the material, machine the part and oversee any finishing processes that may need to occur.

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