As part of our dedication to continuous improvement, we have recently undertaken a full customer audit. We asked our customers to rate us on enquiries, production and quality and anonymously collected the data.

Without a doubt, one of the areas where we saw positive feedback from our customers was on Quality Control. Across the board both big and small companies said they had not experienced any quality issues with the components that B&B had supplied.

“I have been speaking to customers both large and small across a wide range of sectors, and even customers who have stopped using our services. It was very rare that someone cited Quality issues and often when they did it was a small issue on one part to a client who we may process thousands of components.” said Oliver who carried out the audit.

B&B take our Quality control very seriously. Not only do we have an on-site Quality Department which is able to undertake a wide range of analysis, testing and measurement procedures. We also have our own metallurgical lab enabling us to test the quality of the HVOF Coatings we supply.

To ensure ongoing Quality Standards we have recently hired another member to our inspection and Quality team, and following feedback from our customers we are ensuring that there is more sufficient packaging on our items. In this way we hope to eliminate the small quality issues we have had.

​”Customers I spoke to were very positive about the quality of the items that we produce, and this reflects the level of care and attention that B&B put into our work. We understand that customers can and should expect components that meet their specifications.”

B&B Precision are fully ISO certified and provide CNC Machining to a wide range of industries and customers. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of precision engineering parts then get in touch today.   

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